"Thank you again Lisa! I feel so inspired. You make everything look so simple and you are an excellent teacher! Everything was delicious."
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Jen H.

October 14, 2015

"Lisa's cooking class helped me create a delightful, scrumptious and flavorful dish.  Her engaging teaching style promotes confidence for any level."

March 2016

A. Henao

"Thanks to Lisa V., I no longer have to worry about whipping up a healthy, delicious dinner for two picky teenage boys on a whim...I now have great recipes in my back pocket that are crowd pleasing winners...all of the sudden, I have become a "great cook" at home...😃"  J.C.

"Cooking with Lisa is truly a culinary experience I highly recommend. From start to finish you are involved in the step-by-step process...whipping up culinary delights you may not have thought possible. Lisa walks you through everything even teaching you little secrets she has learned along the way from snipping the tips off of green beans with a spoon (who would have thought...) to sharing all the local spots to shop for the freshest ingredients. I left Lisa's class feeling confident in my newfound abilities and excited to share them with my family! I can’t wait for the next one" … Julie 
May 14, 2015

Hi Lisa,
"Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon. I had a great time and feel like I learned a lot of excellent cooking tips! The food was delicious and you are a gracious host! I would love to take more classes, so please let me know when you are offering them again.  I will be making the chicken and asparagus for my family this weekend :)."
Thank you again,

May 14, 2015

​​Cooking with Lisa V.

"I can't say enough about Lisa's cooking class. An intimate experience in her own gourmet kitchen with all the freshest ingredients is inspiring to say the least! Coming from a background of boiled meats and vegetables, I was a bit intimidated to attempt Salmon Puttanesca and Salmon with Fennel and their side dishes. Lisa's easygoing nature and incredible know-how took me through, step-by-step until I felt I could do this on my own (which I did successfully at home a week later.) I walked away empowered by her easy instruction and tips on stocking a pantry of fresh herbs, grains and whole tomatoes, as well as where to shop locally or online whether it be fish or spices. The class ended with a lovely sit down lunch of a delicious antipasto, and both salmon dishes. I went home with leftovers, recipes, and new-found confidence. Thanks Lisa!"
Wilton, NY

April 22, 2015